Friday, 23 June 2017


Never let assumptions be your conclusion to judge or get into your worst element. Lack of facts will make you display wrong attitude ignorantly. Getting the facts right can save you alot of troubles and issues that are uncalled for.There are troubles you can avoid in your family and relationship with others if you seek the truth.
Don't take steps or action that will lead to regrets because you feel reluctant to dig further into getting the facts. Don't let pride hinder you from asking questions and getting to the base of a matter. Flee every discuss that is baseless.
Seeking truth and pursuing it dignifies you as a person. The right facts should be the bases of your words and action, even at that be not hasty in your decision always think things through. Because if you don't digest the fact in your mind with a thorough thinking, you could still make wrong hasty decisions.
Let those around you know you for something worthy. Follow that which is right. Let the truth be your foundation for living. Get the facts right!


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