Monday, 5 June 2017


Speaking words of faith and in faith is very essential in the Christian race but the faith at work is what brings about miracle.
It is good to say the word and take God by His word, but the actions you take in line with His word matters a lot. The mix of your faith with work brings about unbeatable result.How do you explain professing your faith before men but it's not evident in your works. Also How do you explain speaking faith without making a move or asking God for the next step. Don't just speak act on it. Let the word of faith put a stir in you to act right.
Is your faith working?  God desires you to take steps even as you believe in Him, "Faith without work is dead" . You experience miracles when your faith is mixed with God guided steps, action and even attitude .It is beyond just working or just speaking, it is you speaking and walking in the mind of God. You are steps away  from what you desire. Put your faith to work and see it transform into a miracle!


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