Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Lost in the thoughts of how every other person feels about you and what you do will get you to do nothing. Whatever gift you have is not to please but to serve and be a blessing. Your utmost priority should be manifesting and fulfilling purpose with that greatness inside of you regardless.

Limitation can easily be placed on your gift when you narrow your thoughts to what people say than to what God is saying.The boldness you have is in your creator ,for it is Him that has deposited this gift in you. It is limitation to live under thoughts like "is it ok by people or are they pleased by it" .you can't grow your gift in confidence with negative thoughts and judgement clouding your mind. Every gift needs certain level of confidence to be a leading and a pace setting force.

Don't just dream it or think it but be confident enough to live it and become it. It is time to embrace your gift and be confident about it for the better. God's plan for you hasn't changed . Avoid self limit manifest your gift with boldness and confidence in yourself and above all in your maker ! 


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    Jesus Said He’d Return Soon, So Where Is He?
    Jesus Said He’d Return Soon, So Where Is He?