Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Status and title go hand in hand because every new status comes with a given title that put you under unnecessary pressure compelling you to act and meet up to standard. Do not at anytime let yourself get carried away or be overwhelmed with attaining certain position. Control your status with the right attitude, do not let your status control you.
Status without character is a mess. Status without relevance and positive impact is just another selfish achievement. Don't be so pressured with status that all you think about is living for self and the display of how much your status is worth rather let it be about the best way to influence and impact. Look out for what you can do to help the next person beside you, become a savor in that environment and community you find yourself. Invest in your future and in others as well leaving your foot print in the sands of time.
Never get to that point where you feel everyone is beneath you, remember you started from somewhere. Don't let your status put you under wrong pressure to leaving a wrong impression. You are who you are by the grace of God. Your status is just a title, it will not take you to heaven. So no matter how high the heights you attain let your attitude speak humility, your thoughts and action be to love and being a blessing that in the end you are free of every pressure to show off status pride.


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