Monday, 31 July 2017


Different kind of attitude attracts differently, you attract your likes. Putting your attitude in a proper shape attracts a better version of you. The truth is; you can't attract what you are not or have ever aspired to be.
Attitude is not pretending to be who you are not but being yourself in a way you think is best. Attitude can determine how you are positioned in life, so you're either getting it right or nothing at all. Someone once said attitude determines your altitude but I put it this way; Your attitude is a lifestyle that positions you for your desired best.
You are not different from who or what you attract. Your attitude can make you outstanding and stand out positively or negatively. Your attraction mirrors your person. Truth can not be bought or faked that is  why when you are true to yourself it reflects in your attitude. The truth is; good or bad has it's attraction respectively. So it is left for you to choose or determine what you want to attract through your attitude but it is better you work towards a positively attractive attitude. Your attitude is your attraction.


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