Tuesday, 11 July 2017


How you stand depends on what you build on. Are you building on the sand that can easily be carried by the storm or on the rock that stands against the storm. It is quite easy for people to build on the sand than on the rock but in the end the sustainability of what you've built so far is stronger on the rock .
If you desire to be that person and have that life that stands the test of time and wages against the storm, then you have to realise that the best place to lay your foundation is in Jesus.
The truth is your root determines your growth. You have to realise that a successful life goes beyond natural ability .Quit struggling to build on the wrong foundation. Your foundation has to be rightly laid to be made. The right application of God's word and a right Christian living can help sustain a right foundation. You need your Creator to make a nation. Don't just build on anything, build on the rock (Jesus). You build by grace!


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