Monday, 17 July 2017


There are things you have to internalize in your mind before you can become it. You keep saying "if you can think it you can do it" but how has it affected your life. Have you allowed it to become a part of you?  Do you even have time out for yourself, just you taking positive thoughts and planning ahead for a better future. You have to think it, plan it, work towards it and be it. You think to create and become. Mind creation is a very powerful tool.Creative thoughts establishes your mind to something better and influences your action especially when it is positive. Make use of your mind don't leave it dormant. Think outside the box, don't fail to plan.
Which creative thought have you gathered with your mind about your future? It's not too late to start now. Create what you desire your future to be in your mind, meditate on it and work towards it. Having a better future starts with your mind as the creating tool.


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