Thursday, 20 July 2017


Your words are very powerful how you use them to bring life to lives is very important. Encourage is spelt as In-Courage (inspire, put live into, stir, speak life, restore hope). It is using words as a tool to restore.
In your daily life make encouragement part of your set goals. By being a source of encouragement not just to yourself but to others . Courage in a man gives an unbeatable drive and zeal to be much more. For every team/group/ co-operate body/individual and family e.t.c that desires growth and flourishing encouragement is vital.
Speak life to birth out talents,  creative ideas,values, and bring dream back to life. Be that person that restores hope and speak life not one that kills drive, dreams and vision. So many out there have something great within but lack the capacity of courage to bring  such to life . Why not be their hands and feet,a word from you can turn everything around . Speak back hope and better living to someone's life today ,you never know how far those words can go. Plant an undying seed in other's live today.
In-Courage ! Let someone see a reason to live and dream again and be all that what God has designed them to be. Be a light of hope !  


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