Friday, 28 July 2017


Pleasure should never be mistaken for fulfillment. Pleasure will keep you satisfied for a time but fulfillment take you on a lifetime journey. Have you ever sat to ask yourself, what makes you truly fulfilled?
Pleasure is to pass time but fulfillment as it implies fills you inside out and brings out the best in you. Not all pleasure brings fulfillment, but every fulfillment brings a great pleasure to the soul.
Whatever you do that gets you drained and out, makes you felling like it's back to zero point afterwards is non-fulfilling, you just passed time. Your purpose in life is destiny connected means whatever decisions you make and steps you take influences generation present and generation to come. So you don't always have to satisfy self, most times you need to sacrifice pleasure to get true fulfillment. Whatever you do that is purpose based and brings joy not just to you but connects to others is true fulfillment.
Stop seeking pleasure, truth is;  it will get you no where. Fulfillment is what prints your feet in the sands of time. Joy is birthed from what is within while happiness is as a result of outward attraction. Pleasure gives happiness but fulfillment spreads joy from within and out. You evolve and find great peace when you are truly fulfilled. Don't try to measure up for the sake of pleasure but strive towards fulfillment of divine purpose. You are truly fulfilled when you are purpose driven not pleasure craving!


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  1. The Porter's process is predicted by Him and it is for our purification to bring us to perfection