Sunday, 23 July 2017


How you start your day determines how it responds to you. Appreciation of previous days shows your openness to more for the new day. Being appreciative gives you a better view about the future, a proper re-planning, a positive mindset and a better you. You can't run over or experience an overflow without being thankful.
No matter how rough, tough and tiring the previous days, weeks, even months has been you have to realise that you are living for the future and not for the past and you came through despite the odds. So the best you can do is to be thankful.
A new day comes with a new hope and a fresh start.You give yourself a reason to be happy when you are thankful. The new day is giving you an opportunity to do and experience things differently. You might have experienced a worse yesterday but there is a better tomorrow. God brought you through, don't murmur, don't complain. Be thankful!


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