Wednesday, 2 August 2017


So many things might have caused you so much heart ache and pain but that doesn't you can't rise above them. They may be wounds today but they will be scars with glory some day. Don't just set your eyes on this moment with so many things trying to weigh you down, your life is beyond this you have a beautiful tomorrow.
Every broken pieces makes a brick for you to soar into the light of beauty.  The fact that you are broken doesn't mean it's over or you can't be beautiful again. Stop!  Seeing those scars as shame, you made it through so much you can get pass this. Someone somewhere is waiting for your story to heal you can't quit ,destinies are attached to you. See the beauty in every way life has happened to you. It is time for you to happen to live by stepping up high regardless of your going through. The pieces are moulding you into a beautiful piece. You have been broken but you can be beautiful.


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