Monday, 21 August 2017


Sometimes life doesn't give you the opportunity to have everything at your beck and call, but regardless of that you have to make the best of where you are and what you have. If you are opportuned to be a landlord you will not think of abandoning your house to live with someone else except you go for a visit, rather you will do everything possible to suit everything to your taste same thing applies to your life, challenges or whatever you face isn't an excuse to abandon your dreams but time to stand and take charge.
There is so much that God has put in your hands that you don't need to live under anyone's shadow or crash to people's lane. That  greatness inside you, that one thing that will make you a solution ,renovate it (be creative with it,make the best of it) . No matter how much you try to move and keep running from those things confronting you, someday you will have to stand and face them. Just like how you'll keep looking for the best way to make your house look good as possible and make it better as the landlord not minding the leaks here and there , your life needs such determination it is time to take charge of your destiny as the owner. What you desire out of your life depends on you and what you put into it . The quality of life you want to have depends on you and how you handle it.
You can't keep running (relocating) another man's race or being in another man's lane,when you have to renovate(be creative with your life) your own,bringing out the best of everything. What God has put in your hands is valuable. That potential is important somewhere keep renovating it. You're the landlord of your destiny get on track with it. Give it the best look based your desires and dreams ,most of all to God's glory. You can either choose to keep relocating (living other people's life, unstable) or you can choose to stand and renovate (make the best of your life).The choice is yours!


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