Monday, 7 August 2017


What you maintain your focus on you become a force in that course. It is important for you to drive your focus in the right direction, so you don't end up going all out for the wrong reasons. Maintaining your focus helps you grow into your desired place. Ask yourself this questions;  what is my focus? I'm I still on the right course?
When you are maintaining something, means you are keeping it in existence. You have to know what to do to keep the content of your focus existing, give the right thing life.
The priority of your focus should be fulfilling divine purpose and destiny. Everything else you do should be in line with it. The first step to maintaining a right focus is having a right focus and work on everything possible to reach the destination of your focus because every focus has it achieving /fulfilling point. Today take a step to correcting every wrong focus, so as to keep the right thing in existence.


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