Friday, 18 August 2017


Each time you try to proof perfect, judging and evaluating peoples life that is you balancing account. You keep balancing other people's life when yours is not balanced which is simply a waste of your precious time. If you keep evaluating people's life you wouldn't have a chance to grow.
Stop trying to balance people's life when yours is lacking so much and there is even nothing to balance. You can keep focusing your energy on judging others and stay imbalance or channel it to yourself and build a better capacity that will keep you on track.
All the faults you try to find in others hasn't made you see the wrongs you need to to correct, the fault in you and the work you need to do on yourself. Maybe just maybe if you changed your view, you will begin to see a better you. It is not about who is perfect but who keeps working towards perfection that is what life is about. Don't be so drowned in the balance book of others that your mind looses it's capacity to be creative for you. Your life needs a proper investment from you. Work on your empty balance sheet and make your life a worthy living. You need to invest in your life before you even you think of balancing it and that starts now. You don't know how much input others are investing into themselves in their secret place yet you keep faulting them with your mind calculation and balancing. It is time to focus on yourself. Yourself needs you!


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