Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Every purposeful living comes with a mandate. Your mandate is in your purpose. At different times in your life there will be something you will always be assigned to ,infact you were born with a mandate because there are destinies connected to you and how you are rightly postion determines your function and influence. Most times the expectations are beyond just you but involves others so the expectations are high. How you position for this mandate is something not only to ponder about but also plan towards it.  You can't go about your mandate unprepared, you can't go about it having lack of courage, you can't go about it being misplaced of displaced. My question is what is your position as you take up that mandate?
Your position is your projecting point, you can't function well if you are not prepared or rightly positioned. You have to know your purpose/calling, understand the mandate and never stop preparing and aligning yourself in that respect. Jesus had a mandate here on earth but He never waited to be told what to do, He understood His purpose and he rightly positioned Himself for it. You don't have to wait till that time come you have to keep working in the direction of your purpose and rightly position yourself so you don't malfunction. Your preparation and positioning could involve thorough study, right network, building capacity and aligning yourself in the right place at the right time. Most of all you need God because He is the way and in Him you find true fulfillment. Your position influences the function of your mandate.


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