Thursday, 3 August 2017


It is true as they say that there is a depth of goodness in every man but how have you been able to project it beyond negativity and hate. Whatever you dream or desire to be wouldn't just happen one day, your practice becomes your habit. You must deliberately let goodness flow out of you.
There is an atom of a Saul and a Paul in every person, but you have be conscious and decide the path you choose to follow. Have a deliberate determination never to let the bad overpower the good in you. You have to take caution so you don't let negative experiences control your emotions to projecting wrong impression and making you a bad influence.
Your daily life have to be in sink with who you say you are and how you want others to see you.  You have to realize that your actions speaks loud, ask yourself if it is passing the right message. What you say you are should be evident and practical . What you represent and how you want to be recognised is what you should project in a positive way. However you project your persona is likely the way people will be influenced and also the attraction you get. Project positivity and influence lives for the better!


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