Wednesday, 16 August 2017


How you see yourself mirrors in your personality. What you see in yourself and how you see you begins with your thoughts. When you have an issue with leaving your past into living your future, you are likely to have insecurity issues and also unnecessary anger develops in you. The real thing isn't how others see you but how you see yourself. Firstly do you know who you are?
Seeing yourself in the back picture than in the big picture isn't the best way to see yourself. How others perceive you begins with how you see yourself and how you've aligned yourself in that respect overtime because in whatever way you picture yourself is how you align yourself. It is important for you to have a positive view about yourself. Deviate your thoughts from seeing you by the negative things you've been through or the experiences you've had. Because when you keep seeing yourself from the negative side becomes difficult for you to grow into a better you. Most times your thoughts are your attraction, so how do you expect people to see you differently when you keep seeing nothing good about yourself.
You have to remind yourself daily of your worth and begin to see yourself in the big picture that God has designed for you. You have to picture that right image about yourself to mirror the right image. If you keep seeing yourself in yesterday then how do you emerge in the future and the big picture.
The big picture is what you should see, your purpose and dreams you must believe, your worth and value you have to grow into and live. From the moment you begin to see yourself from the positive side a new you emerges.


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