Thursday, 31 August 2017


What you see as your reality in life is what you believe and live.Often times we say the struggle is real but isn't God more real than any struggle there is, because it is His grace that carries you through. When you see the struggles than you look up to God then definitely the struggles becomes real. Have you sat to think back on everything you've ever gone through and you will realise that at those times when it seems like all is lost then in a twinkle of an eye something happens that makes the difference and hope is restored . The truth is you would never have scaled through anything by your own strength, His grace was always there, His mercies showed up for you.
Seeing the struggles will make you disbelieve but seeing God will make you believe and enjoy a better level of grace. God is real!  In Him you should believe, His word of grace should be your reality. As a child of God the spiritual reality should be your reality.Christ is the reality beyond the circumstances you see. A faith living Christian see's God as the reality. Christ is your reality see beyond the situation ,The I AM THAT I AM is there  !


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