Monday, 13 March 2017


Limits shouldn't define you,you define the limits.Break free from that box where all you do is rotate routine. Add up things that make you think diverse or diversify your mindset and adds value to you.Don't be your own limitation, be mindful of your words and action.Be limitless in your thoughts and dreams.Expand your horizon and you will see new opportunities.Be persistent until dreams becomes reality.Don't accept the norm,be unusual but be yourself. Be positive in your thought and maintain the path that brings you the place of fulfillment.Don't be too hasty so you don't make wrong choices ,at the same time don't relent. Don't let anything have a limiting hold on you rather hold on the limitless God .Break free and see the sun rise on your dreams. You are limited when you allow the limits limit you.Break the limits and soar!


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