Monday, 27 March 2017


All actions and outward display are first pre-meditated from the heart.If your heart is not first right with God then how can your ear be tuned to hear from Him,you can't serve two masters at the same time.That is why you have to first train/teach your heart  to doing what is right because the abundance of what is in it,is what births your action and words.
On a daily basis ask yourself what do I feed my heart with, if you feed it with nothing and garbage, it will produce baseless words and action.If you don't teach your heart to doing the right thing or allow God to occupy your heart,don't expect otherwise from how you act or speak.
Everything your heart knows is what you give.There is nothing like I wasn't thinking, it just happened or I just did it,either you believe it or not sometime ago you have premeditated it in your heart consciously or unconsciously.The implication of what your heart is fed with is what you produce in words and action.Train your heart with God's word, good morals, feed with positively productive and impactful things.What you've thought your heart or opened your heart to overtime is what it eventually produces outwardly and outrightly.The abundance of your heart is the reflection of your words,action and in the direction in which your life goes.It starts from your heart ,feed it right!


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