Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Too much focus on the present that people even judge their fellow humans based on today. You never know what tomorrow holds for you or any other.Don't let your mind be clouded by the events of today that you fail to look beyond it.
The fact that you are someone's helper today doesn't make you a god over them because you never know.Mind the way you treat others because you never know what tomorrow holds.Live each moment and make it count for something better.
The hand you lend today might be the hands that raises you tomorrow ,this doesn't mean that things won't get better for you too but there is what we call timing everyone has their own time and when that time come there is a new phase of things.Don't live based on or depending on what you have but live in the fulfillment of what God has for you.'Tomorrow ' can never have a better prediction than God's precise edition because God knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.
The best you can do is work/invest in your today and hope for a better tomorrow but never live like you own or control tomorrow. Reflect a life of positive impact because you never know what tomorrow holds but bear in mind that whatever you do today eventually pays off in your tomorrow, so which would you rather choose today good or bad, negative or positive .Invest for a better tomorrow,live the best each moment of today because you never know how tomorrow turns out.Tomorrow holds much more than you can imagine .Live for a better tomorrow!


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