Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Mediocrity is a non challenging lifestyle that keeps you at the average level and until you have realised you worth and purpose of living you might keep on operating on this level.
This is all about mediocrity in your communication lifestyle. What is your discussion with people like?  Is it productive or just for the sake of talking. Winners don't backbite,don't talk unecessarily or talk down others but they discuss with the motive to grow and move to the next level.It's time to cease from just talking rather choose to speak gracious words. You can't win by bringing others down.
Let go of the ordinary mindset and take hold of the extraordinary. The kind of people you connect with in discussion has a way of determining your flow in life.So if you choose a winning life you have to first let go of mediocrity lifestyle because it's the average place.
If it's not Godly, impactful ,adding value, touching lives and changing minds positively then it's not worth discussing. Let your place of discussion be of better communication and be with people of winning mindset.You can't aim high while sitting low. It's time to change your perspective of discussion and move to the next level !


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