Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The fact that the opposite sex is an helper for a season or for a time doesn't automatically makes that person a potential spouse,know the difference. This has been confused so many times or rather there have been a conflict as regards this area and that is why when you develop feelings based on what someone can give you and go into a relationship or further into marriage there are conflicts most times.This case is peculiar to the opposite sex.
Not all helpers are potential spouses but all spouses are potential help meet.So when God sends someone into your life to help you for a season or time don't try to fast forward things into courtship or marriage because there will be conflicts expect God is giving you a go ahead.When God sends people into your life be sure of the reason why they are in your life,don't confuse their place in your life, most especially as a spinster or bachelor.
Don't be surprised that someone who was once nice to you at the period of friendship automatically becomes hostile while in courtship or marriage. You will realise that chances are that you were blinded by what you were getting that you confused that kindness for love and went ahead of God. Once you start playing a role of a spouse in a persons life, emotions will definitely brew and assumptions will be made based on feelings and not God's direction. Be clear on the stance why people (especially the opposite sex) are in your life don't assume based on kindness. Some are just helpers for a season and not help meet for a life time.This is not saying you should not show kindness but know the difference between a helper and a potential spouse(help meet forever) by following God's direction.


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