Thursday, 9 March 2017


Confront every obstacle by your word of faith. You were not born to live a sorry life.Don't accept everything that happens if it's not according God's word or not in line with what God says concerning your life,speak the word of faith to counter it.Speak those things you desire to be, with the word of faith.Your words have a powerful way of of creating your destiny,yet so many don't know how to use that privilege in faith.
If it's not according to God's word concerning your life, confront it with the word of faith.keep speaking in faith till you see things take shape as you desire them.
Stop letting people say negative words to you jokingly.Counter those words with faith.Speak as though that mountain is before you and you are pushing it away.Speak that word in faith and see God move into action.Don't live in fear when things challenge you,confront them in faith!


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