Monday, 6 March 2017


For there to be a need to mend ,something must have been broken or gone wrong. Where ever you've missed it ,it's time to mend your ways.
The first step in the mending process is first acknowledging that something has gone wrong in your life or some area of your life has been altered,then surrender it to God so he can work on you.while at that begin to watch out for those things that breaks and alters your life negatively and separate yourself from it .
Also when your purpose is discovered it helps your focus and direction in life and gives you a platform to bring the broken pieces of your life together and direct it towards and positive and fulfilling course.
Don't stay where you have been broken ,rise from it and let God heal those wounds.Build your life on a foundation (Christ ) that is solid and not carried by the wind. Most times the reasons why some people keep falling is because their foundation is not firm.So to mend your ways let your foundation be right with God first.Let God do His work in you and you will see things fall in the right place.So focus on God and he will give you grace to heal,mend the pieces of your life and direct your ways .


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